in reply to Vim configs (slightly OT)

Here are some things I use which I haven't seen elsewhere in Perl Monks.
let perl_fold = 1

" copy & comment current line with #
map <F6> yypkI#<ESC>j

" format inner para
map <F7> !ipperl -MText::Autoformat -eautoformat<CR>

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.pm,*.pl setlocal keywordprg=perldoc\ -f

" Only fold if bigger than window
function SetFoldLevel()
    "echo "Win:" . winheight(0) . " lines:" . line("$")
    if winheight(0) >= line("$")
        set foldlevel=99
        "echo "open"
        set foldlevel=1
        "echo "closed"

autocmd BufRead * call SetFoldLevel()