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Dear Monks,
I dreamed many times to join a Perl Conference, but I cannot afford it, it's too expensive for me. Yet I would like to read what will be said at Portland in a few days. Do you know if there will be a printed edition of the conference? I searched on O'Reilly site, but I wasn't able to find any information. If such proceedings existed for the past editions and you read them, what's your opinion about them? The only reference I found here is Perl Conference 6 Call for Papers ... where are TPC 5 Proceedings?.

Thank you very much, Valerio

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Re: Perl Conference Proceedings?
by hsmyers (Canon) on Jul 06, 2003 at 16:40 UTC
    I've got the only conference proceedings I've seen---Perl Conference 4.0 I've looked, but haven't seen the proceedings for 5.0 I left a message with the postmaster at O'Reilly, but it apparently fell through the cracks as I never got any feedback. Maybe someone who actually knows something will chime in!?


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      As I understand it, the proceedings for TPC 5.0 were the last ones published. I don't believe papers were solicited last year. It got to be too time-consuming to review, edit, and print papers.

      You can follow along on the wiki this year, along with the official coverage page.

        Thank you all for your answers. So, if you can't attend TPC7, you will never know what Larry, TheDamian, MJD, merlyn, acme, Dan Sugalski, BigAl and perrin will say? This is a sad news.

        Ciao, Valerio

        I think there was (supposed to be) a website with the slides, but maybe only accessible for attendees. I know that Vee was collecting slides, but I have no idea if the after-conference website was ever put up or not.