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If I am in any position to give out advice (which is questionable in and of itself), I would suggest that you try not to be so 'meta'. The posts of yours which I read seem to focus directly on the site and community. Though that is not necessarily a bad thing, I know I for one tend to be slightly put off by these type of posts, especially in large amount. (Not that I would go so far as to downvote them, but I'm sure the line between ignoring a post and downvoting it is not a wide one.)

So what is my advice? Write about Perl. Ask questions about Perl. Respond to notes about Perl. This is what the site is for, and too much meta-discussion might incur the down-vote wrath of a number of Monks. I have often found that I get the highest increases in XP when I forget about XP completely, and just think about a problem or solution with Perl.

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