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(any other comment or criticism on the code is warmly welcome)
I'll point out a SQL bug in your code:
my $sql = << "__SQL__"; declare \@AZIONE int; set \@AZIONE = (SELECT id FROM desAz WHERE az LIKE 'XXXX%' ); select * from desCc where id = \@AZIONE; __SQL__
It is possible that SELECT id FROM desAz WHERE az like '...' could return more than one row, @AZIONE will get set to the last value returned. That's one of the reasons why using a JOIN here would be a lot better.


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Re: Re: ADO, multiple statements and Perl
by l3nz (Friar) on Nov 24, 2003 at 16:09 UTC
    Yes, I know; in fact the problem does not arise for the very data that area in the "original" query that I used when developing. In the case it should, it means that such data is corrupted and I want everything to abend and be notified when looking at the logs. Anyway thanks.