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Gone offline it has. Purely splintered off into server oblivion, the Yoda translator, it has gone!

no more, is it.

gone, it is.

rendered inaccessible, has it indeed become.

lost to the internet, it is!

not able to gain access to it, can we.

no more it is.

Dead is the translator of Yoda.

sad and woeful are we.

no more cute yodisms will we read.

a sad day this has become.

a restored translator, must be done.

to return the translator webpage, must he.

or forever lost will be The Source.

lay in the balance, the eternal destiny of the Yoda Translator, it does.

hmmm, indeed must it be restored, or the author forever cajoled, will he be.

miss it, we do.

bring it back, he must.

the Prophecy of restoring the balance with the returned translator, is this.

the one, is he.

the one to restore the balance, must he become.

to return to the Yoda Translator service on the internet, must he do.

And to upgrade his code, else The Source leave him, must he fear.

Yes! all these things be accomplished, must he set out to do.

be with him, all the Power of Perl, must be.

or else lost without Yoda, are we.

and rioting monks in the streets, will become.

a grave prophecy, this is.