Thanks -- I'll look at POE. As for example client code, it is just unbelievably {and unfixably} dumb:
sub command { my $cmd = "$_[0]\r\n" ; print $server $cmd ; my $resp = <$server> ; return undef if $resp !~ /^[123]/ ; return $resp ; }
I don't even remember what got me thinking that IO::Socket's can be used as file descriptors {I just looked and can't find it in the man pages..sigh} I guess what I can do is do a 'send' with the $cmd my sub is given and then I need to replace the <$server> with something that'll timeout and then I can close/reopen the socket and try again. POE seems fancier than I need for this {although I see that it can handle the event loop of Tk, something I had trouble getting to work correctly}

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