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Diary of a frustrated !(AS|PPM) Perl install on Win2k

  1. Retrieve and install Siemens' precompiled 5.00503 binary for win32.
  2. Edit d:\perl\5.00503\lib\MSWin32-x86\ to reflect installed drive letter if not default "C" (thanks to OeufMayo, Yohimbe)
  3. Retrieve and install pmake.
    • perl Makefile.PL
    • perl -I. pmake
    • perl -Mblib pmake test
    • perl -Mblib pmake install
  4. Copy to d:\perl\site\500503\lib\
  5. Install pure-Perl CPAN modules.
    • perl Makefile.PL
    • pmake.bat
    • pmake.bat test
    • pmake.bat install

    • Tie::IxHash - succeed
    • Net::Telnet - succeed
    • Term::ReadKey - <font size="-1">fail
    • Net::Telnet::Cisco - fail
  6. Keep digging - shouldn't have to manually copy .pm files to d:\perl\site\500503\lib\ ?!
  7. Continue pondering free(beer|speech) compilers for modules containing C/C++.
  8. from crazyinsomniac, but I've not got this far:
    • MM_Win32 UNINSTALL= $(Perl)... line doesn't appear to be valid perl syntaxt...
    • The \"\" stuff and also multiple -e switches...
    • Replace the \"\" with qq()...
    • Make needs the \ at the end of the line...
  9. Give up.   Install ActivePerl instead.
  10. Try again later.   Maybe.   If I get bored and ambitious
Resources for compiling Perl from source on Win32. Relevant nodes

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