Dear pmdevils and gods,

I thought it might not be a bad idea if we could add moderation to patches. Something like 5 votes and it gets approved.

We could have a patches to consider superdoc, and a patch approval nodelet (or that can be a part of PmDev Nodelet and Patch Lister respectively).

theorbtwo thought it a reasonable idea, but one that would never happen. (btw, he suggests 4 votes to approve, gods get 2 votes, pmdevil's 1)

So what do you guys think?

Sure it might open up the possiblity for pmdevils to do bad things, but 4/5 votes is a lot.

Short of simple markup/html changes, I wouldn't approve a node until I tested it (my vow to you -- I got E installed locally and can reasonably test most everything ), and I'm sure other pmdevs would be just as scrutinizing.

PS - I volunteer theorbtwo to implement this if it comes to that , and volunteer to help ;)

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