A patchcomment nodetype is in order then (smells like a good idea to me).

A few pmdevils have become frustruated with just waiting around without any consideration/explanation of why their patches were rejected, thinking that their work is for nothing ( is it because most gods aren't that active, or whatever?).
It's a shame to have pmdevils lose interest (btw - I sympathise with the gods, it is a tough job, I know what it's like).

I say we implement patch comments regardless of how this 1/5th god idea turns out (calling all pmdevils: all this needs is a patchcomment nodetype, patchcomment display page, patchcomment edit page, and a patch for patch display page to include the patchcomments for that particular patch, and a addapatch form -- if you need help/ideas, ask away -- actually, you could get away with simply editing patch display page to include a form for creating nodes of type note, with the root_node set to that particular patch id -- which is better?).

BTW, any ideas on when the next, if any, batch of gods is coming out? (it's been so long since it's been mentioned/discussed, I completely forgot if any were scheduled to happen).

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