Why do we write? Not just Perl, but why do we bother programming at all? Based on some discussions I've had with some of my fellow Monks (yeah, I'm not linking to one of them to try and save a little face!) I've come up with a few different classes of programmers and ideas why they might do the programming thing:
  1. Hobbyists: Those who program because it's interesting and when not painfully annoying it's actually a little fun. A hobbyist might think of programming as playing with really, really cool Legos.
  2. Realists: Those who program because a highschool guidance counselor told them that computers would be where all the money is (I'd bet the counselor wasn't thinking of open source at the time!). Some Realists might really love what they do, for some it might just be a job.
  3. Pure Scientists: Programmers who like to hack just because they want to see what they can do or learn something. A lot like a hobbyist, but a scientist tends to be more practical.
  4. Mad Scientist: Programmers who want to see what the language can't do. Hey, Mad Scientists might make for great testers for Perl 6, if it ever gets widely distributed!
  5. Evil MonopoliSts: Oops, finishing this one might not be civil ;) But for some programmers it's a description that sure fits the Bill.
I'm sure there are programmers who are a hybrid of these, and I'm sure others in the Monestary could add to the list. What kind of programmer are you?


Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.

-Howard Aiken

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