Just a few comments:

I don't think that $path/$name is corrupt because it would never get into this code area if there were a problem with either $path or $name (I.E. $path has to be a directory which is writable and $name has to be a valid filename).

As I may have forgotten to mention: this is not a reproducable bug.. It happens very rarely and I've been unsuccessful in creating some snippet which would reproduce it...

As for the "umm, yeah, whatever" comment: Some of us aren't avid C programmers and we do the best we can with what we know. If there is something else that I could do or some piece of information I could provide please let me know, but please if you are going to dis my attempt at least tell me why you are doing so. Is it so useless to look at changes between versions to try and find some evidence that your bug was resolved?

Also, is it at all noteworthy that this is happening in perl_destruct, or is that rather inconsequential to the issue?...

I will certainly send this on to the Perl folks, at any rate, if no resolution can be found here.... For some reason I get a queasy feeling about upgrading Storable... I'd at least like to be able to point at some code that changed which is likely to have solved this problem before doing it.....

- Greg

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