Thanks, the scalar of localtime works, with a decimal correctly placed:
print scalar(localtime(1068837428.812901))."\n";

My real problem is with the Oracle trace data. It has a time value in microseconds since the epoch, but the conversion appears to be off by 9 months. The print statement above is from September 2004, but the conversion lands in November 2003. As in the following source data:

*** SESSION ID:(92.34308) 2004-09-06 11:52:07.103 APPNAME mod='sqlplus@prod90db (TNS V1-V3)' mh=0 act='' ah=0 ===================== PARSING IN CURSOR #1 len=69 dep=0 uid=0 oct=42 lid=0 tim=1068837428812 +901 hv=...

It's time to read the Oracle docs again!!

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