Well, I will put my hand up for MySQL also.

YOU should be providing the add-edit-delete functionality in your own front end! Man, it isn't difficult. I can do it so can you!

MySQL is so easy to install - it isn't a hog either, it is fast and you can hide it very easilly. So easilly that my end users generally don't realise that their is something running on their machines! I used the Nullsoft Installer package and in less than a day figured out how to have it install MySQL and my application, set up MySQL as a service and start it the first time.

Just for the sake of cleanliness I start and stop MySQL as a service from within my application.

This application replaces an earlier one based on Access and written in VBA. It was a dog of a thing. Hard to maintain, rather flaky and oh, did I mention all the limitations of Access? Oh and speed? Did I mention speed? To be honest I am glad to see the back of it. The new one is written all in Perl, uses Tk and, of course MySQL.


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