Well, not really. But imagine that it was.

It is the year 2012 and you are asked to write an article about Perl history. About the community (and other Perl coders) while Perl 6 was being designed and Parrot was still being constructed (that would be around the year 2004), about the release itself (and parties to celebrate it?), about the years after that. Did people get used to Perl 6 quickly, or did it take years before Perl 5 was no longer used for new projects? Is there still active development on Perl 5? What is the current version of Perl, and what has changed since Perl 6.0.0?

Predict the future and in 8 years, we'll see whose version of this story was the closest to what really happened. :)

(Enclose everything that is written in "2012" in <i> tags.)

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