Hi Monks,

I'm desiging my personal academic webpage, and since the new paradigma is the complete separation of content from style, I decided that's the way I will go.

What I want to achieve is an XML/XSL architecture similar to the one as explained on the Nun.Mu.Shu page. However, that site uses a Java/CoCoon/Tomcat/Xalan/Apache framework, whereas I would prefer a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl) solution.

This has obviously be done before, but I have to admit that I've really lost my way in the forest of Template::Toolkit, HTML::Template, XML::LibXML, XML::LibXSLT, Petal, Maypole, CGI::Application and similar other modules. For the moment I don't see which one sticks with head and shoulders above the rest, or which one is extremely suited to my case.

So, what are my design briefs:
So, how do I start on this one?

Hope you can point me in the rigth direction.

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