I considered myself one of your stronger supporters princepawn. You often asked really good questions in a seriously poor manner. I generally felt that that should be more forgivable than most did.

What you posted above was crap. It is sheer childish lashing out disguised as rational discussion. The difference between a cult, a mob, a community and a sub-culture is real clear in most people's minds. A cult has a single focus, a single opinion, and a single leader. A mob has a single focus, a single opinion, and no leader. A community has a single focus, ranging opinions, and many leaders. A sub-culture is a unit of a community with a single leader.

Perlmonks is a sub-culture. A small unit of a larger community with a single leader. In this case he is rather benevolent, he allows anyone from the larger community and in fact even the world at large to join. He allows us rather free speach, he allows us to police our own discussions, and he allows us the rope to hang ourselves.

The rules and structure vroom built this site with and that he has encouraged and allowed to develop are its strengths. A newspaper without an Editor is just people shouting on paper. Did you not notice that a real sub-culture has developed here, even within the perl culture? You took it's behavior strongly enough to heart but failed to realize that a sub-culture, albeit a digital and remote one still is a sub-culture. vroom makes sure we have a place to meet and has given us a pretty good way to encourage people to stay on the culture's main topic. The group at large sets the stakes tho. We wouldn't keep coming back here if we felt vroom's rules were unfairly restrictive. We think they are restrictive but fair. The difference is enormous; the fact that you seem to have seen nothing of this and continue to blame nebulous "others" for your sense of unwelcome should give you pause. If you choose to come back here, remember we cut you a LOT more slack than most communities would have, and many of us put your manner (out-right assinine at times, warmly funny at others) aside and enjoyed your thoughts.

Regardless, there is a bright mind out there somewhere. Good luck in whatever you do and wherever you find a community you feel comfortable in.



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