I thought that "Experience Points" had to do with certain kinds of participation in this site, by being here, by voting, by making contributions to the site. Any notion of equivalence to "Perl Expertise", takes the fun out of it for me.

I'd request that point accumulation could be turned off, electively, in the latter case. I intend to hang around here a lot. I have no interest in being judged on that account, as though I had pretenses of being an Expert.

For the other point, (if I can give an opinion without sounding overly serious about it) I don't like the idea of changing the amusing metaphor of the Monastery. I don't know how many (for example) Buddhists, or East or West Catholics there are here - but, I doubt that a single one of them thinks of the "monastery" theme as a coup for their religion. (And, a monastery is about as Presbyterian as the Mass, lest someone should think this Presbyterian is motivated by religion to discourage the introduction of non-monastic levels.)

The metaphor is strained as it is, but in my opinion it isn't lame, right now.


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