Dear monks,

In my Input file I could see 3 different types of lines as specified below. If I split the lines using ',' The results are weired for the first line. Because the first line contains lot of ','s inbetween Double quote. How can I make my parsing logic to work perfectly. I need your logics to parse this files. I can write a program. Thanks a lot,

__DATA__ Submitted,"696,028","50,946","810,590","836,505","13,923,241","13,776, +443","14,179,619","14,614,558","14,704,885","14,634,911","15,055,774" +,"15,127,534","14,458,899","14,403,378","14,566,425","14,644,406","14 +,524,069" Expired,245,275,273,248,240,295,353,316,371,398,387,352,310,288,405,27 +4,270 Less in,90.12%,90.49%,90.04%,89.55%,90.09%,90.63%,90.37%,90.48%,90.73% +,90.59%,90.83%,90.40%,88.82%,90.71%,90.72%,90.69%,91.04%
The output should look like as below, Field1 Field2 field3 field4 field5 ..... Fieldn Submitted 696,028 50,946 810,590 836,505 ..... blahblah Expired 245 275 273 248 ......blahblah Less 90.12% 90.49% 90.04% 89.55% ......blahblah

In reply to I would like to find a good logic to parse the data by greatshots

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