My perl program is about counter adding displayingcounters for every webpage of my website Every html page(like index.php) along with html code has near the bottom of the html code a php block of code that had a unique page identifier number like the following snippet, which when the execution of the program reached that part it gave that unique page number to MyCounter.php module to calculate the page's counter and thn print it.
<? } $PageID = 1; $counter = counter($PageID); echo "<center><h4><font color='orange'>Number of counters: $counter +"; ?>
Now with the use of Perl + templates how the same thing is suppose to work? The perl code when ready should dislay the following result as with php now: I need sepeartion between design and code leaving html pages intact. But if a user clicks a random webpage how that webpage should invoke if the html page now has no php code in it? __________________

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