Ovid, I have tremendous respect for you, so I hope you don't take this personally. I am more interested in what the other monks around here have to say about this.

I was recently telling dusk to rtfm by pointing out perlvar and asking him to not go outside the MP3::Napster API in his Napster client. I thought it would be good to show him why not, and pointed out Thou Shall Not Covet thy Object's Internals, by Ovid. I had read it and liked it the first time around, and thought it made a very clear point.

However, one thing he did say was that he was writing software in a much newer version of CGI.pm than the "other" developer was. When he expressed his frustration with this -- albeit indirectly -- he was given support. When I expressed my frustration with this, I was given sharp criticisms and general discouragement (Re (tilly) 1: Cross-developing in 5.005 and 5.6 (code), for example).

I feel like when I post code for review, for some reason or another, people are quite irritated by the way I have implemented something or some methodology I am using when I write code. (Re: Quick and (dirty?) menus for the console for example) Instead of being respectful and calm, they either intentionally or unintentionally use zero tact. "what are you talking about?" I wouldnt say that to a friend in reference to their code.

I have managed to piss chipmunk off by insisting that some of the things he does are "wrong" (although I never mentioned him directly and havent ever gone over his code). tilly recently inferred that I was behaving as some crazed reverend trying to make perl something it isnt (e.g., a religion).

I dont know what I did wrong here. Maybe I, like princepawn, am more willing to be vocal and care less about politics.

I'll be a pontiff by the time youre reading this. This is my 150th post. What gives? Where is the entrance to the "good ol boys club" so I can join in and not be attacked when I post something? I really feel alienated from this community. I didnt when I first started here. I felt like this was a great place. I learned a lot. The deeper I dig and the more time I spend here, however, the less I want to be here.

I just can't find a better place to get knowledge when I need it. Its a darn shame. Can't we get over this politics crap and just be respectful of one another? Or at least equally respectful? We all know that princepawn gets knee-jerk downvotes and isnt taken seriously despite the merit of his posts. Conversely, japhy gets knee-jerk upvotes regardless of the merit of his posts. Japhy is a great guy. But I am not less of a great guy, some of you just disagree with what I say. But I dont go about criticising people here. I will correct code but not take it the step further, to add footpad or tilly's "personal note" when someone says something I dont like.

I'd like to feel like I can post something and get an honest review without the emotional overhead of feeling like somebody dislikes me. I just dont have time to worry about why somebody dislikes me today.

Laziness, Impatience, Hubris, and Generosity.

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