Chin up, shoulders back and no blubbing! Perlmonks is like life in general, some people you just seem to like and some you don't. Depending on the size of the community you just don't have room to have any feeling one way or another for most.

I am saddened you feel alienated but think that for someone of your demonstrated coding ability the relatively gentle RTFM here (Re (tilly) 1: Cross-developing in 5.005 and 5.6 (code) is not all that harsh - it does after all answer your question.

My ears are still burnt from a usenet flame (quite a while ago now) from none other than Abigail who told me to:

Don't post jeopardy style it makes you look like a moron
Don't lose your references it makes you look like a moron
Don't stealth cc it makes you look like a moron
Don't try to parse perl unless your name is Damian of Ilya
Killfile meet Dr James, Dr James meet Killfile
{Ka Plop}

Now that is a flame! It also happened to be accurate as I had committed all the above sins. So I stopped posting jeopardy style, got a decent mail client that didn't lose references, and stopped 'stealth cc'ing. I also fixed (most) of the shortcomings of the code in question but that's another story :-)

I have enjoyed some of your posts and voted ++ accordingly, I rarely vote anything down but this is somewhat like my approach to life. Enjoy the good bits and let the bad bits flow over/under/around you - just not through you. Don't take it to heart. There will always be people who like you, people who hate you and others (generally the vast majority) who couldn't care either way. Such is life. Sometimes I reflect on somthing my mother once told me: "Enjoy the journey (of life), this is no trial run"




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