I don't know about everyone on the site hating you. I took a look at your previous nodes and you've gotten some useful feedback.

While it's true some have less patience than others, I think you'll get the hang of things. Just keep learning Perl and posting related questions as you find them.

It's true that many post non-Perl related nodes, however, many of these are related--even if obliquely--to the art, livelihood, and practice of professional programming. I'd be careful about posting whatever comes to mind. Try to keep it somewhat related. Better yet, find a way to merge your interests with Perl. For example, you mentioned the Ramones. I presume you have some CD's or MP3's? Think of and tackle a Perl project that does something cool with them. If you get stuck, post the problem. If you finish, post the code.

Just be aware that most of us expect that posted code should be reviewed carefully. Your code may work, but there may also be a different, perhaps better way to do things and some will point that out. That's OK, because they're trying to help you--and everyone who reads your thread--become a better Perl programmer.

As you become more experienced, you'll get the hang of things here and find more success as a paid programmer. Just be patient; it takes time and lots of practice.

In the meantime, try to pay attention to the nodes that you like and the ones that are well-received. Try to figure out what makes them work. Also, expect a little flak...that's part of being involved with a larger community.

And, finally, remember there's a difference between smart and wise. A wise person listens more than they talk.


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