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Monks noting on their home nodes that they work in chemestry should not be construed as an invitation for you to invite other people to /msg them their chemestry questions.

I'll let those actually involved in this speak their mind.

But note that recently a similar idea came up and several people said "no", they didn't wish to become a designated answerer of questions about X.

For me, even if you have a question about a module I wrote and/or maintain, if you send it directly to me, I'll most likely tell you to post a node instead. I'm not the only person alive who can answer questions about my modules. And often others benefit from the question and answer being in public and at a place that can be searched.

Of course, I don't think PerlMonks is the best place to ask chemistry questions. If I liked answering chemistry questions, then I'd probably know some other place where such questions get answered. That sounds like a more useful resource to find (or create).

And I think you'll need to make your list be "opt in" not your current "opt out" (for those you've already listed).

- tye        

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