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Hey everybody, During a recent discussion, bobf and me came up with the idea of compiling a list of people who have a special interest in science. Read more about it in bobf's post. This is by no means intended to replace specific communities as BioPerl, but should you find that you have a very specific question about such a module, then maybe you can find someone here in the list that you could send a privatemessage to.

NO, No, no! While I am very interested to know about those who have interests similar to my own, do NOT suggest sending private messages to those who have a specific interest. One of the strengths of the Monastery is the broad cross-section of experience and insight it contains, another is the spread of time zones the body monktorate occupies, and to suggest messaging a particular monk with a question is to ignore both. If someone messages a particular monk about a question, then they are at the mercy of that monk's time and willingness to respond. In addition, while many of the monks I have talked to herein have been very willing to help, they have their own schedules and time-sinks. By instead posting in SoPW (or other sections herein), or asking in the ChatterBox, one not only has the chance of getting a quicker response, but also getting the possible benefits of a cross-section of experience, or even excellent insights from a monk they would not have thought to ask.

As I said, I find it very interesting when I find other monks who share my interests, but please, please, please do not suggest that someone be messaged because of a question about a particular area.

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