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First you're using $pass_bob and then $bob_pass. Make sure you're using strict to avoid that. It forces you to declare your variables, so in case you misspell them accidentally, it'll yell at you.

Update: Also, I just noticed: You need to make sure that you're importing the param() method from the CGI module. *Generally*, this is done as follows:

use CGI qw(:standard);

Though I suppose you already do that somehow since Perl doesn't complain about the param() call. You probably should rethink your design an not have so many use CGI statements either (one should suffice). Both param() and redirect() are methods of the CGI object ($cgi = new CGI) so they can be called:

my $cgi = new CGI; $cgi->param( $param_name ); $cgi->redirect( $url );

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