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i agree with you, tye. the front page is not a place of honor, it's a representative sample of approved nodes. i'd go so far to say that all approved nodes should be automatically frontpaged, and that frontpage rights could then be taken away. at least, that would make this discussion moot. of course, that makes newest nodes almost moot, but with demerphq's proposed changes (with some additions, like approval & moderation status,) it would make the purpose of these two interfaces (front page and newest nodes) clear.

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Re^5: Never! Too much Front Paging (by default?)
by tye (Sage) on Sep 24, 2004 at 17:30 UTC

    I'm repeatedly tempted to make "approved" and/or "front-paged" the default state that can be taken away (because it should be the exception that doesn't get approved/FPed so it would save effort, for example).

    But many nodes (way too many) start out being inappropriate for their section (because they are so badly formatted) and even more start out inappropriate for the front page because they don't have a READMORE -- fairly long nodes aren't much of a problem being approved into a section but are more of a problem on the front page (but this is just a matter of degrees).

    - tye