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And this is relevant how?

Whether or not you believe that Perl is consistent, my response is "so what?" Find me a perfect language. All languages evolve and Perl is one of them. Now if you said "Perl has some problems and Larry Wall and co. are never going to deal with them", then I might have sat up and taken notice. Then I would have asked myself "do these problems have an impact on Perl's usefulness?"

Perl is the richest language that I have used, but I acknowledge that there are areas in the language that can use some improvement. Again I ask, so what? Perl 6, as you may be aware, is being worked on as we speak.

Some comments:

princepawn: would you go to a church service, stand up and ask everyone about the inconsistencies in the Bible? Would you sign up for a poultry cooking class and spend every session criticizing people for eating meat? There is a time and a place to be so heavily critical of something, but coming to a place dedicated to it is not one of them. No one here mind an occasional discussion of problems with Perl, but a full-scale assault on the language is another thing. I'm sure you don't view it that way, but I can't help but wonder what you hope to accomplish by this.


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