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Many other people have eloquantly responded to such ludicrous claims that dwellers are part of a cult, so I won't touch on that. But just because you get blasted for posing an "unconventional" viewpoint doesn't mean that everyone else is narrow minded. It just means that SOMEONE is narrow minded.

Consider this... Posters like Ovid, Tye, and Merlin routinely make posts that state, "I believe the following is correct." Sometimes people respond and disagree with them, thereby changing their minds. In contrast, you always say the same thing. "Perl is inferior for reason X." Then Ovid, Tye and the rest of us disagree with you and for all your banter, no one changes their mind.

But we've already proven that we're not narrow minded. What about you? You never change your mind. You always say, "I can't figure it out, therefore it must be wrong."

Everyone here is on a Quest for Understanding. This is the Zen of life. Princepawn, you have deemed your own self understanding as perfect and mold your understand of the world around it. When something doesn't fit, it must be someone else's fault. Anyone's fault. Everyone's fault but your own.

True enlightenment can only happen when we see ourselves as just another part of the world, not the center of it. "I think, therefore I am" leads to a blinded view of the world-- blinded by our own ego. Instead let your motto be, "I sense, therefore I must understand". Only when you admit that you are not enlightened can you find Truth.


PS: Does anyone know the Latin translations for the two phrases above? Doubtless they would sound more profound. :)

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Latin lesson
by mdillon (Priest) on Dec 01, 2000 at 08:38 UTC
    I believe the following is correct.
    Credo sequentum verum.
    I can't figure it out, therefore it must be wrong.
    Non possum comprehendere, ergo illum certe falsum esse.
    I think, therefore I am.
    Cogito, ergo sum.
    I sense, therefore I must understand.
    Sentio, ergo certe comprehendam.

    (i probably need a lesson or two myself)