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I think you're bumping up against a timezone conversion. Seems that 1.72 at least of Date::ICal uses 'offset', not 'tz' to set the timezone, so it is using $TZ by default.
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Re^2: Strange result for example in Test::Tutorial.
by BioGeek (Hermit) on Apr 13, 2005 at 03:51 UTC
    replacing the string tz => '0530' with eg. offset => '-0800' indeed solves the problem.

    So, what to do best now? Contact the author/maintainer of Test::Tutorial to update the tutorial?
      It couldn't hurt, although it does seem like an odd test case anyway, since it is dependent on an external (to T::Tutorial) module's API.
        There's nothing more frustrating to me than trying to learn something and having the example not work. Either the provided example should work, or the test should be changed to remove the dependency on an external module.


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        Update: I wrote an e-mail to Michael, who originally wrote the tutorial, and here's his reply:
        Yes, way down in the footnotes its noted Test::Tutorial is using Date::ICal 1.31 which is horribly out of date. I haven't really touched it in four years. I put up a post on perl-qa to see if anyone wants to take on the job of bringing it up to date.