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(1) You asked for examples of what we think are good comments; you didn't specify that they had to be live code published on the web but I guess that's all you wanted to see. With your followup, your tone sounds more like "show me that all the wisdom isn't just hot air, prove to me that people really bother to comment properly."

(2) The pseudocode example I gave was directly taken from my real code; the actual code between the comments would not have contributed much to the discussion so I returned it to pseudocode form. Sorry, but 99.99% of the code I write is not published on the web, nor will it be.

(3) You're welcome to browse under Authors: HALLEY for three really small examples. Fair warning: these examples are so small and simple that the comments are almost entirely POD, not # form. Perhaps someday the example I illustrated will be published, since it's a meaty and tightly-knit component library of over 30 packages, and it has a LOT of weird code that needs commenting.

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Re^4: The art of comments: (rave from the grave)
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 07, 2005 at 17:03 UTC
    ...I wonder if anyone would care to link to one or two examples...
    Actually, the OP was quite clear that he wanted links to examples, not inlined ones.