# Forward this script to 10 of your friends, or bad things will happen +! $_->forward($0) for @friends; if (scalar @friends < 10) { $you->disaster(); } else { $you->good_fortune(1); } sub disaster { ( "Crushed by falling piano.", "Runaway lawn mower.", "Caught in web of deceit, spun by giant man-eating spider.", "Hiccups.", "Leg cut off. New wooden leg infested with termites.", "Downvoted.", "Gruesome yodeling accident.", "Nose hair lice.", "John Tesh concert.", "Java." ) [rand(10)]; }

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Re: Forward this script!
by cazz (Pilgrim) on Sep 16, 2005 at 15:35 UTC
    Those are some awful disasters... but there is no explaination of how to forward. What happens if you don't have 10 friends? What happens if you don't have friends at all? These are questions that people need answered!