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Hello wise ones

I use GD::Graph to plot mixed charts in perl.
Now i use 'long' descriptions as label for the x-axis, so i use $graph->set(x_labels_vertical =>1,)to print them, however i'd like to wrap the labels as well.

Now i know there is GD::Text::Wrap, but i don't really understand how to embed it in the graph.
Code snip to genereate the graphs:
my $graph = GD::Graph::mixed->new($cgi->param('width'),$cgi->param +('height')); my @collumn_data ("this is the first result label and its long", " +this is the second etc..." ); my @data = ( \@collumn_count, \@collumn_data, \@compare_data, \@compare_data2, ); $graph->set( types => [qw(bars lines lines)], ... x_labels_vertical =>1, ); my $image = $graph->plot(\@data); $image->interlaced(undef); print $cgi->header(-type =>"image/png" , -expires => "now"); binmode STDOUT; print $image->png;
Please help me to wrap the labels. Thanks.

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