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Hi great ones.
Yet another question from me:
I use MySQL 4.0.24 as a databse server,
and MySQL-Diff 0.30 from Adam Spiers. (the perl MySQL::Diff module, that's why i ask it here)

*update* ps: just installed version 0.33 from cpan, and still have the same problem

When i try to compare 2 databases, i get the weird output like this:
mysqldiff --host --user=dbuser --password=dbpass db1 db2 + > diff.sql DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `reports`; CREATE TABLE `reports` ( `ID` int(6) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `name` varchar(128) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) TYPE=MyISAM; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `yetAnotherTable` table ``yetAnotherTable`' had trailing garbage: /*!40101 SET SQL_MODE=@OLD_SQL_MODE */; /*!40014 SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=@OLD_FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS */; /*!40014 SET UNIQUE_CHECKS=@OLD_UNIQUE_CHECKS */; /*!40111 SET SQL_NOTES=@OLD_SQL_NOTES */;
The thing is, both tables (reports and yetAnotherTable) exist with the same structure in both databases and both contain data.
I don't know when the diff started to create these drop-table queries, but they are unwanted and the parameter --keep-old-tables is unwanted (and not working in this case.
I tried more than one machine, and can't figure out what's wrong, when i compare db2 to db1 (the other way round), it goes like expected (but i need to compare the other way).
Any ideas what might be wrong and are there others that experience the same problem?

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