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man xpdf, then man pdftotext
You'll find: pdftotext [options] [pdf-file [text-file]],
you can use `` or qx ,perlfunc:system and perlfunc:exec to execute the command from within perl.
then open the file and read it.
open (FILE, "yourfilename") or die "can't open : $!"; close FILE;

*Update*: Ah, i see prasadbabu understood your question better than i did, i second to his post.

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Re^2: pdf to text
by arunmep (Beadle) on Jan 12, 2006 at 09:17 UTC
    i need to extract the text from pdf files to an array element how can i do that using perl

      A few of your previous nodes ask this question, is there a particular part of the process you are having problems with? Have you used Super Search to find any examples? This has been covered before.