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“Abstain” over “nada” would be excellent – it always bugged me that “nada” seems to imply a vote for doing nothing, rather than no vote at all.

“Modify” sounds like a clear improvement over “edit” and “fix,” as well; in fact, so much so that I now feel inclined to say it needs changing.

I don’t like “as is” much because it’s not a verb. My quibble with “keep” is linguistic hair-splitting: keeping a node implies an active preserving action, whereas the meaning of the vote is for the janitors to passively take none. “Leave alone” would express this exactly, but is a bit long. I follow the argument that shortening it to “leave” makes it too imprecise, though. Hey, for “leave alone,” the thesaurus lists “let be;” does that seem palatable?

The options would then be as follows:

☐ Let be   ☐ Modify   ☐ Reap   ☐ Abstain

I quite like the look of that – it’s only slightly longer than what we have now, and much more precise.

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