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Without even looking at the code, it sounds like you are leaking file descriptors. Are you closing everything that you open? Check how many FDs you have open by looking into /proc/$$/fd/

As a note on style, you are opening a database handle in one sub and closing it in another sub. I'd rather see the dbh closed in the calling sub instead of being passed into another sub and closed there.

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Re^2: Failures in TCP/IP stack
by hubb0r (Pilgrim) on May 28, 2006 at 02:52 UTC
    Thanks for the tip on the file descriptors.... I'll take a look.
    As for the dbh handle, I understand your point, but I was reusing the dbh to attempt to speed up the process... connection time is costly. Perhaps it would be wiser for me to merge the connection time sub with the db process checking sub instead.