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Submitting the form again won't send a message again unless you have reselected a destination for the message. The page always loads with "Don't send" selected. The radio buttons for selecting who to reply to have nothing to do with move/delete functionality so perhaps you are confusing these radio buttons with the checkboxes used for selecting which message to move/delete?

My main complaint is that the "move to" drop-down should default to "Archive" (unless only showing archived messages, in which case it should default to the inbox), and that the "Don't reply" isn't in line with the other radio buttons.

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Re^2: Message Inbox nit (usage)
by hv (Parson) on Jun 25, 2006 at 11:13 UTC

    Ah, in that case I was even more confused about the form than I had realised.

    Looking again (now that I have something to look at), I notice the 'Sel' checkbox for the first time - since I had previously only ever dealt with 'all but selected' I'd never needed to look this far along the line, and I guess when I read as far as the folder dropdown my mind automatically switched to 'I ain't gonna need this' mode.

    I also notice the 'Simple mode' link for the first time, which changes surprisingly little - but if I could set an option to have this mode linked to in the chatterbox instead of the current 'search inbox' and 'search archive' links I might avoid a small proportion of this confusion in the future.

    I do know that as someone that rarely receives, occasionally replies to and never archives messages I have benefited not at all from the changes to this system; I suspect that whatever the powerusers have gained has come at a cost to the rest of us.


      Simple mode should be sticky. So once you view in simple mode, the links from the CB should not change it back to full mode.

      As for the question of trade offs, you are probably right. Its probably a good project for some of the budding pmdevils to look into. OTOH, it does resolve one of the points raised here: it provides a one-click way to delete messages....


        Simple mode should be sticky.

        Ah, so it is, excellent. I made unwarranted assumptions on seeing the "srch_folder" parameter in the link.