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Considered nodes are a hint to the janitors that they have some work to do. It can happen that the work gets done in a fashion that doesn't reset the consideration (perhaps even by the OP) and it may take a short time before that is noticed and fixed, but generally that isn't more than a few tens of minutes.

If you notice something that has been in a really bad state for a long time then you could /msg janitors, but please, only for something serious. After all the janitor who fixes the node might have been answering a question (some of the janitors around here are quite bright - for janitors), and we wouldn't want to delay that would we :).

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Re^2: Nodes to Consider suggestion
by planetscape (Chancellor) on Jul 18, 2006 at 00:43 UTC

    Just to follow up on something GrandFather wrote a while back in a message to janitors:

    Would it be helpfull to show the time when a node was considered in the NRE table?

    Yes! I think it would help in the sorts of situations mentioned by the OP. It would also be useful when trying to decide if Monks have had sufficient time to weigh in on a perhaps controversial or non-obvious edit.