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We have this project which runs bunch of web services in Java on JBoss, as well as bunch of test scripts in Perl.

The stubs were generated from, and they wroked fine all the way, but now we are moving towards Secured web service...

I searched the document for SOAP::Lite, and found that it didn't mention SSL at all. Then I thought I will just try, so I went to the stb and modified the URL: 1) changed http to https, and 2) changed the port from 8080 to 8443.

But when I ran it, it gave me:

500 Can't locate object method "new" via package "LWP::Protocol::https +::Socket" at line 3

Does anyone has any simple example? Maybe just point me to the right direction... Thanks!!

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Re: Perl SOAP and SSL, HHTP Basic Auth
by jbrugger (Parson) on Sep 07, 2006 at 04:37 UTC
    I'm not sure, but this is what i think you mean:
    use SOAP::Lite +trace => [qw(debug)]; SOAP::Lite->new( uri => '', # the namespace proxy => '', on_action => sub {sprintf ''}) #soapacti +on header
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      Actually it doesn't matter whether we use your way or my stub way, they are the same. Now I am realizing that it might has something to do with the fact that I don't have CRYPT::SSLeay installed.

      I run through ActiveState ppm, but they don't have this module listed, too bad.

        That shouldn't be a problem as you can install Crypt::SSLeay from an alternative repository. At a command prompt do:

        C:\> ppm rep add winnipeg C:\> ppm install Crypt-SSLeay