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Well, maybe I am cranky then, 'cos I don't see the fun.

What I'm seeing is the claim that there's "saint inflation." That's worth considering. But there are other ways to differentiate; once you hit monk or so, you know that among those with a lot of XP are folks here who really know what they're talking about (I shan't name names, because, well, you're in the group of people who know the difference!), and others who got there simply by being around a lot (I'll give you one name for that category).

Maybe I'm taking the "Monk" motif too seriously here. But the point is, you reach the stage of enlightenment, and you're not supposed to care any more. The Joneses become invisible, rather than something up with which to keep.

Update it's in the same thread, so you're probably looking at it, but let me say turnstep is saying clearly the things I've been fumbling.

Call me cranky, 'cos I'd like to promote that attitude.

Philosophy can be made out of anything. Or less -- Jerry A. Fodor

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Level Proposal
by arhuman (Vicar) on Feb 22, 2001 at 22:02 UTC

    Yes, the XP system is fun, beccause it always pleasant to see your reputation becoming better and better (Reputation is supposed to be what others think about you afterall).
    Those new levels make new steps, new milestones in our quest of knowledge.
    But it's not a goal in itself.

    But if things go on like that, one day I'll be abbot, then bishop,
    then pontiff maybe even Saint (who knows).
    Even with my poor knowledge (that I'm trying to improve!) I'll do it.
    The problem is : I can't imagine being in the same level of merlyn,tilly,...
    (I won't say the litany of the saints but I respect them all ;-)
    worse: I can't imagine a community with 4000 saints. (It would make no sense.)
    It's only a question of respect for our saints.

    Call them new levels, call them honorific titles or whatever, for me it's the same thing:
    It's the way to keep our skillfull saints above.

    Don't steal me my 'idols', let me always watch the people I admire above.

    Anyway, can someone tell me what's wrong with those new levels, some say it's not needed, other that they're against it but nobody tell me why it is wrong ?