in reply to Level Proposal

The only suggestion I've seen along these lines that I like the sound of is the one that suggests that Monks who had acheived some uber-saint status be allowed to choose an honorific. Perhaps they should be able to replace Saint with a title of their own.

Other than that, I can't think of anything that would motivate me more than learning and sharing Perl and programming knowledge (I'm still doing a lot more learning than sharing).

On certain issues, no Monk really knows more than any other Monk, so level is not indicative. On other issues, even Initiates may know as much or more than some Saints (for instance, if Larry Wall signed on-- assuming he hasn't-- he'd be a Novice or whatever, right?), so again, level is not indicative.

I think the fact that the Monastery is fun, works well as built, and has a lot of great information is motivation enough. XP seems to be a great way to get newbies hooked on participating, but it's nothing compared to the rewards of participating without thought for XP.