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Re: Naming
A table is definitely not a dashboard, even though I guess it's part of a dashboard project for you.

Perhaps HTML::FormattedTable would be better?


  1. What are the benefits over using a template to produce my html table and changing my style sheet?
  2. Can I call $dash->set_row_grn( sub { $_[0]->1%2 }, 'black' ); ? If so then what does 'grn' mean and what's the point of *_ylw, *_grn, *_red methods?
  3. How would I achieve the following? I want the value 'Smith' to be highlighted in the 'String' column but not in the 'Name' column.

Those questions aside I think its a very cool module and one I could see myself using for those ad-hoc reporting/monitoring applications that everyone has to hack up once in a while.

Edited to fix a nonsensical sentence.

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