in reply to I would like to find a good logic to parse the data

If you can't work around to getting a module to do this, perhaps you can just use this logic:

Read the Input file line by line, and if its the first line parse it in a different way. If not, then parse it normally by splitting the commas.

So if it detects its the first line, which is the "Submitted" values, then figure out some parsing method to read and print the values accordingly.

Perhaps use this logic:
($junk, $submit_values) = split(/Submitted,\"/, $first_line);
Then you'll be left with:
696,028","50,946","810,590","836,505","13,923,241","13,776,443","14,17 +9,619","14,614,558","14,704,885","14,634,911","15,055,774" ,"15,127,534","14,458,899","14,403,378","14,566,425","14,644,406","14 ,524,069"
Then you can parse the above by by splitting `","`:
my @values = split(/\",\"/, $submit_values); foreach my $v (@values) { print $v; }