I just had a quest idea. Looking at Quests, it seems the most current one, poll ideas quest 2007, is kinda old and perpetual, and the rest are expired.

My idea is to have a quest to update the Categorized Questions and Answers with 5.10 answers. I don't know how quests work, really, so I don't know whether the quest entries would be submitted through normal means and tagged as part of the quest, or whether they'd be submitted to the quest and then forwarded to Q&A. I also don't know whether this would create too much work for QandAEditors.

Mechanics aside, it seemed like a good idea to refocus activity into maintaining the high quality content that makes this site and community what it is.

N.B. please don't read this wrong; I don't mean to be a complainer; it's really just a brainstorm of an idea, not a complaint or response to any perceived problems. I don't even necessarily think myself qualified to do much in the quest.

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