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This one ranks in the top 10 list of "Things that bite Perl users on NT."

The -T is "too late" because, unlike Apache, IIS (and PWS) execute CGI scripts by first looking up the binding for .cgi in its internal scriptmap. The command in the scriptmap is then executed, and the name of the script is passed as an argument. Typically, the scriptmap for .cgi will be   .cgi     "c:\perl\bin\perl.exe %s %s" So when the CGI script is executed, there's no -T on the command line. The -T in the script header is "too late". One way to fix this is to edit the IIS scriptmap to change the binding to   .cgi     "c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -T %s %s" This means that all CGI scripts will run with taint checking. Since that might break other scripts, you might instead consider adding a scriptmap entry   .cgt     "c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -T %s %s"

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Re: Re: -T t t t t t o o late folks
by malaga (Pilgrim) on Apr 06, 2001 at 11:42 UTC
    Oh. i don't have control of this server - it's with an isp. they are so lame. i guess i have to call them and wait on hold for half an hour and see if they can fix it.