What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks?

There are several XML generators (called "tickers") on PerlMonks to help people who write scripts accessing information on PerlMonks. Here is a list of them, with some of the parameters documented.

For tickers that require a login, either provide a login cookie or perform a login as part of the URL. You may also add ticker=yes to the URL if you wish to stay out of the list of Other Users. (op=login;user=username;passwd=password;ticker=yes)

As with all PerlMonks request URLs, parameters are semicolon separated.

Default Parameters: Almost all nodes can be viewied directly in XML by using node_id=XXXX;displaytype=xml. Almost all XML feeds can have their XML modified by the 'xmlstyle' parameter. This parameter may be present multiple times and will respect 'flat' and 'clean' as default types, some feeds may also provide additional types.

Messaging Tickers

User Nodes

Generic Tickers

Database Queries

RSS Feeds

There are currently only a few RSS feeds generated on-site:

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