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Votes aren't just to reward and punish, they're also to shake out the relative merit of nodes. So if an anonymous monk writes an excellent node, please do upvote it. It can help others find it later.

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Re^3: Down-vote Bad, Up-vote Good
by Lawliet (Curate) on Jun 04, 2009 at 18:58 UTC

    It also helps people who sort each thread by best node.

    I don't mind occasionally having to reinvent a wheel; I don't even mind using someone's reinvented wheel occasionally. But it helps a lot if it is symmetric, contains no fewer than ten sides, and has the axle centered. I do tire of trapezoidal wheels with offset axles. --Joseph Newcomer

      That makes more sense. I didn't know you could do that.
      But node reputation is strongly correlated to how many posts there are between the start of the thread and the post itself.

      If I wait a day and then write an excellent reply answering all questions using code examples, benchmarks, and links to the documentation, I'm likely to get less '++' votes than if I half answer the question with some misleading remarks within a minute of posting.

      I don't think PM has the option to sort a thread by "best node". It has the option to sort by "most ++ - -- votes". Which is not at all the same.

Re^3: Down-vote Bad, Up-vote Good
by ikegami (Pope) on Jun 04, 2009 at 18:21 UTC
    How does it help others find it later? I'm not familiar with this feature.

      Best nodes of ...

        Best Nodes is not very useful for shaking out the relative merit of nodes.

        When you said "later", I was thinking more than one week from the time of posting.