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Re^5: Down-vote Bad, Up-vote Good
by ikegami (Pope) on Jun 04, 2009 at 18:36 UTC

    Best Nodes is not very useful for shaking out the relative merit of nodes.

    When you said "later", I was thinking more than one week from the time of posting.

      I know you know that best nodes is also sliced on a month and a year.

      There's been some discussion in the CB lately about doing things like letting monks over a certain level keep their links unaltered otherwise they might garner a ref="nofollow". I think this would also be a good idea to apply to nodes based on rep (and corresponding meta tags in single-node views). Even if it weren't being used at all, meaningful data is worth collecting. It's true anonymous monk posts don't often land on the best of page. I think they would more often if there were less reticence to "waste" votes on them.

        We have talked about not rendering external links for nodes written by low-level monks when being viewed by low-level monks, due to the increasing problem of link spam. Adding the ability for up-votes to cause such links to be rendered is a valuable improvement to that idea. Thanks.

        - tye        

        I know you know that best nodes is also sliced on a month and a year.

        Even if a node by Anonymous Monk ever made it on those list, that doesn't help "shake out the relative merit of nodes." There's just too few nodes listed.

        For comparison, I have one node on Best of Month and none on Best of Year.