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Hi there,

Looks to me as if someone's already done the leg-work of diagnosing the problem, and submitting an RT ticket that includes a patch for Chess::PGN::EPD 0.25. See rt://67745

I was getting the above errors on Debian 6.0. It worked for me after applying the patch.

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Re^2: PAUSE problem
by hsmyers (Canon) on May 03, 2011 at 08:54 UTC

    Thanks for spotting this! It is enough to push me over into finally building a Linux test box; something I haven't had since the 1.4 kernel!

    I'll apply the patch and see if it works as is in Windows or if I'll need to check to see which OS I'm in. Hope it works, as an OS-around would be at best a kind of ugly hack.


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