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I am trying to use Win32::OLE for accessing the Notes database. Here is a sample script:
use Win32::OLE; use strict; use warnings; use vars qw($S @EXPORT @EXPORT_OK $VERSION); BEGIN { $VERSION=0.1; $S = Win32::OLE->new('Notes.NotesSession') or die "Unable to instatiate Notes Session"; } my $server = "aiqlotus85aix61/avamar"; my $dbdir = $S->GetDbDirectory($server); my @dbs; for (my $db = $dbdir->GetFirstDatabase(1247); $db; $db=$dbdir->GetNextDatabase) { push @dbs,{server => $server, title => $db->Title, filepath => $db->Filepath}; } my $t; for $t (@dbs) { print "$t->{title} : $t->{filepath}\n"; }
But it is hanging, since the server aiqlotus85aix61 is a remote machine. I am able to ping the machine.

Any idea why it is hanging.